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This page details a brief history of the Centre, in all of its previous forms, starting in the 1970s.

Each section will eventually contain links to documents that provide greater detail on the events highlighted.  Check back regularly for updates.  For a more detailed account of the history of the Centre, please click to download an electronic copy of ‘The Right to Exist: The Story of Clydebank Independent Resource Centre’.  This is a book written by Dr. Chik Collins of the University of the West of Scotland and funded by Oxfam.

The Clydebank and Drumchapel Unemployed Action Group began in the early 1970s.  It was politically independent and sought to develop the knowledge, capacities and confidence of its members, while ensuring that unemployed workers were claiming all that they were due in social security.

The Group developed into a new organisation, called the Clydebank Unemployed and Unwaged Group, which established the Clydebank Unemployed Worker’s Centre at 1 Dumbarton Road.  This was later moved to North Street in the newly formed Clydebank Business Park.

The Clydebank Unemployed Worker’s Centre was officially opened on the 31st August 1982 by the Provost of Clydebank James McKendrick and received much needed Urban Aid funding for its full time staff. 

However, in the mid 1980s it was made clear to the Centre that its remit is not compatible with that of the Enterprise Zone in which it was situated and the wheels were set in motion to find new premises.  By 1986 the Centre had relocated to its new premises at Miller Street and secured further Urban Aid funding until 1990.

In 1990 Strathclyde Regional Council refused to discuss the prospect of funding the Centre in conjunction with Clydebank District Council, who had agreed to do so.  By September 1990, the Centre was forced to close due to lack of funds, though for a time it was able to relocate to a Centre in Drumry.  Fortunately, in October 1991 the Regional and District Councils agreed to fund the opening of a new Centre, the Clydebank Unemployed Community Resource Centre, and in September 1992 they moved to their new premises in Stanford Street.

Despite continually struggling for funding, by the late 1990s the Centre had expanded into its new premises and was providing advice, support, access to educational qualifications and crèche facilities, thanks in part to Thor Ceramic’s generous rental terms.

In the early 2000s the Centre had managed to secure some relatively stable funding and had developed a community garden and several outreach services had begun.  However, by the mid 2000s funding was becoming increasingly insecure so that in late 2006 the Centre was forced to operate on a month-to-month basis.

Fortunately, further (intermittent) funding was eventually secured from a cocktail of organisations, including West Dunbartonshire Council.  However, the Centre was forced to relocate once again in 2008 to its current premises on Dumbarton Road.  This move also gave way to a change in name for the Centre, so that it became the Clydebank Independent Resource Centre, and it was able to establish its charity status.

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